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#LovePup Founders Johnjay & Blake Van Es have a passion for dogs. While raising their three active boys, they ran a rescue out of their home for seven years and have designed and opened a shelter in the last two years.  All dogs that come into the shelter are treated like family. Their stop over with #LovePup is full of love, care, enrichment, and guidance.

Before being placed in their forever homes, each #LovePup is evaluated by a vet, altered, vaccinated and microchipped. They take great pride in their adoption process and know that choosing the best home for their dogs is the most important part of their journey.  We hope someday that the homeless dog crises becomes a thing of the past, until then, they are committed to making sure all dogs in their care have the most positive outcomes.


A portion of every shirt sale will be donated to the #LovePup Foundation.

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